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Press kit materials on The Persistent Road

Publication New Release – The Persistent Road

Press kit materials on Wheels of Wisdom

Small Press United to distribute Open Road Press books
Wheels of Wisdom wins Best Book Award for Christian Inspirational
Wheels of Wisdom earns more book awards
Wheels of Wisdom earns bronze medal behind books by NY Times best-selling authors
Wheels of Wisdom wins Readers’ Favorite International Book Award
Wheels of Wisdom wins National Indie Excellence Award for inspiration
Wheels of Wisdom review fact sheet
Wheels of Wisdom publication news release
Wheels of Wisdom launch donations news release
Sample interview questions
Author bios

Media Coverage of Wheels of Wisdom

Publishers Weekly free book review on Wheels of Wisdom June 2016
Midwest Book Review’s Small Press Bookwatch Reviewer’s Choice November 2016
News Story Spring Hill Advertiser News 10/18/16
Alumni Feature, Maine Business School, University of Maine 2/4/17
News Story Houlton Pioneer Times 6/24/17
News Story Main Street Journal, Marlborough, MA 6/26/17
News Story Spring Hill Advertiser News 8/4/17
MBS Connects University of Maine Fall 2017 (bottom pg 6)
News Story Spring Hill Advertiser News 10/11/17
News Story Houlton Pioneer Times 10/18/17
News story Spring Hill Advertiser News 2/5/18
News story Williamson Source 6/10/18
Interview (Tim only) with Rabbi Eric Walker 6/14/18
Member Spotlight, Independent Book Publishers Association 6/21/18
Feature Story Williamson Herald 7/12/18
Interview (Tim only) with Linda Wattley on TLBTV 10/6/18
Interview on The Jesse Goldberg Show episode 96, Nashville Education, Community, and Arts TV 11/1/18
News Story Houlton Pioneer Times 11/29/18
Interview on Morning Source with Kacy Hagerty 11/30/18
Interview (Tim only) with Parker J Cole on The Write Stuff 4/2/19
Interview with Bob Crittenden of Faith Radio at the CPE 8/25/19
Interview with Craig von Buseck of Inspiration Ministries 3/18/21

Press kit materials on Two Are Better

Advocate Distribution news release
Review fact sheet
Pre-publication news release
Sample review
Sample abbreviated review
Sample interview questions
Author bios
Bangor and Houlton, Maine, Book Signings news release
Virtual Book Tour
Framingham, Massachusetts, Book Signing news release
South Portland, Maine, Book Signing news release

Media Coverage of Two Are Better

News story University of Maine Alumni Association
News story Metrowest Daily News 2/11/13
Reprint in Maine Sunday Telegram 2/24/13
Online at The Boston Globe online 2/23/13
Online at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2/23/13
List of links from media websites that picked up the Metrowest Daily News story
News Story Worcester Telegram & Gazette 4/17/13
News Story WMCT-TV Marlborough, Massachusetts 4/24/13
Interview WHOU-FM Houlton, Maine 5/24/13
Interview WHCF-FM Bangor, Maine 5/29/13
News Story Main Street Journal Marlborough, Massachusetts 5/30/13
News Story Fox 22 Bangor, Maine 5/31/13 (video not available)
News Story WAGM-TV Presque Isle, Maine 6/3/13 (video not available)
Interview WHCF-FM Bangor, Maine 7/11/13 (audio not available)
Huffington Post Live, hosted by Nancy Redd 8/1/13
Interview on WGVU in Grand Rapids, Michigan 8/7/13
Mention at 21:20 on Outspoken TV with Karon Gibson RN, Chicago 8/8/13
Interview on Family Life Radio 8/9/13 (audio not available)
Interview on WMVO in Mount Vernon, Ohio 8/13/13
Interview on KEGA in Salt Lake City, Utah 8/19/13 (audio not available)
Syndicated radio interview with Carole Marks on A Touch of Grey 8/20/13
Interview with Travel with Hawkeye on KSCS in Dallas, Texas 8/21/13
Interview on 570news, Kitchener, Ontario 8/22/13
Interview on WKTO, New Smyrna Beach, Florida 9/12/13 (audio not available)
Mention at 20:45 on Outspoken TV with Karon Gibson RN, Chicago 9/19/13
Interview on Lift-FM, Millville, New Jersey 9/24/13
Interview on KVTA Thousand Oaks, California 9/28/13
Interview on The Authors Show (Internet) 9/28/13
Interview on KMA Shenandoah, Iowa 9/30/13 (audio not available)
Interview on WCHE West Chester, Pennsylvania 9/30/13
Book Affirmation for The Valder Beebe Show, Dallas, Texas 10/15/13
Interview on WZID Manchester, New Hampshire 10/21/13
Interview on Beyond 50 Radio (Internet) 11/15/13
Interview on the Iron Jen Show (Internet) 11/22/13
Interview on the Relevant Radio Network 12/12/13
Interview on Cycling for More Podcast 2/24/21

Reviews of Two Are Better

The Midwest Book Review
Independent Publisher Highlighted Title
Chelsea Falin, Author and Freelance Writer
Fran Lewis, Author, Educator, and Book Reviewer
Kathy LaMee of Tracy Riva Books & Reviews, Author and Book Reviewer
Beckie Burnham, Book Reviewer at “By the Book”
Judy Shafer, Book Reviewer at “Voracious Reader”
Rhonda Nash-Hall, Book Reviewer at “Rhonda’s Doings”
Abbie Riddle, Book Reviewer at “Abbie Reviews”
Valerie Porter, Author/Reviewer “” and “ValerieTalksBooks”
Cheryl Malandrinos, Chapter Reviewer at “Cheryl’s Christian Book Connection”
JoJo Sutis, Author and Book Reviewer at “JoJo’s Corner”
Maureen Timerman, Book Reviewer at “Maureen’s Musings”
Cheryl Malandrinos, Book Reviewer at “The Book Connection”
Ruth Hill, Book Reviewer at “My Devotional Thoughts”
Lisa Lickel, Author and Book Review Blogger at “Living Our Faith Out Loud”

2016 Wheels of Wisdom Tour

2016 Wheels of Wisdom Tour Trip Log
Map of 2016 Wheels of Wisdom Tour

TheHopeLine Tour of 2014

TheHopeLine Tour of 2014 fundraising, trip Log, and map
Map of TheHopeLine Tour of 2014
News Release for TheHopeLine Tour of 2014
Main Street Journal (Marlborough MA) article by Jim Ash
Metrowest Daily News article by Kendall Hatch
Bangor Daily News article
Sioux City Journal (IA) article by Tim Gallagher
Channel 9 news (abc affiliate) in Sioux City, Iowa, Massachusetts Couple Bikes across Nation for Charity (video not available)
Main Street Journal (Marlborough MA) follow-up article by Jim Ash
Interview with podcaster Sean Herriott (Interview begins at 19:00)
News Release: TheHopeLine Tour of 2014 Ends
Canton (PA) Independent-Sentinel article on “An Abrupt End: Beauty from Ashes” (not online)
Main Street Journal (Marlborough MA) follow-up article by Jim Ash
Sioux City Journal (IA) follow-up article by Tim Gallagher
The 25 Best Photos from TheHopeLine Tour of 2014
The 16 Best Blog Posts from TheHopeLine Tour of 2014
WMCT TV, Marlborough, MA, Video

2012 Mom-to-Mom Tour

2012 Mom-to-Mom Tour Trip Log
Map of 2012 Mom-to-Mom Tour
WABI-TV coverage of 2012 Mom-to-Mom Tour
Houlton Pioneer Times reports on 2012 Mom-to-Mom Tour

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