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News Release TheHopeLine Tour of 2014

News Release TheHopeLine Tour of 2014

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On July 3, Tim and Debbie Bishop left Manzanita, Oregon, on bicycles, heading east through the state of Oregon and beyond. The Bishops, both 56, volunteer as Hope Coaches for TheHopeLine. They hope to raise $100,000 on their bicycle tour for this nonprofit organization.

“We really wanted this tour to be more than just about us,” said Tim Bishop, who pointed out that they receive absolutely no compensation from TheHopeLine. “As Hope Coaches and as long-term donors to the organization ourselves, we understand how effective it is at reaching young people in crisis. We think others need to know more about it and be given an opportunity to contribute.”

TheHopeLine was founded as the rescue arm of the Dawson McAllister Association in 1991 to offer a listening ear, encouragement, biblically based advice of clear thinking and right values to callers and chatters from around the globe. The founder, Dawson McAllister, has been speaking to and on behalf of teenagers and young adults for over 40 years. As an author, radio personality, and lecturer, he has impacted millions of young people. Youth are connected to TheHopeLine through Dawson’s radio programming as well as website.

The Bishops have named their latest adventure TheHopeLine Tour of 2014. They hope to bicycle over 4,000 miles to reach the Atlantic coast while pitching TheHopeLine through social media and one-on-one encounters. On their prior tours, they’ve bicycled over 6,000 miles. According to Debbie, “We’ve already had our day in the sun. This is our way of giving back because we are so thankful for what we’ve been given. We’re combining two passions: bicycling and helping youth in crisis.”

The Bishops are available for interviews along the way to share what TheHopeLine is all about. Those who wish to pledge money to TheHopeLine as part of the Bishops’ $100,000 fundraising goal may pledge online at All payments will be processed by the Dawson McAllister Association.

Tim and Debbie Bishop of Marlborough, Massachusetts, were lifelong singles before marrying one another in 2010 at age 52. Tim, a long-time resident of Maine, is now a small business consultant and author after 26 years in corporate finance. Debbie is a school teacher with a passion for physical exercise and recovery ministries. They have co-authored two books, which they’ve published through their own publishing company, Open Road Press. Catch their blog at