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Open Road Press is committed to excellence in publishing unique and uplifting works on love, life, and bicycling – including the award-winning seeker’s devotional Wheels of Wisdom: Life Lessons for the Restless Spirit by Tim and Debbie Bishop. The Bishops have cycled over 11,000 miles throughout America and written about their adventures.

Wheels of Wisdom has captured four 1st-place book awards, including

  • the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for Inspiration
  • gold medal in the Christian Devotional genre of the 2017 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards contest
  • the 2018 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Christian Nonfiction
  • the 2018 Best Book Award for Christian Inspirational

It earned the bronze medal for Christian Devotional in the 2018 Illumination Book Awards, finishing behind books authored by luminaries Sarah Young and Christine Caine. In September 2018, it was named as a semifinalist in the broad nonfiction category of the Kindle Book Awards, its second e-book award. Publishers Weekly dubbed Wheels of Wisdom “a road map for life.”

Open Road Press has four titles pertaining to long-distance bicycle touring and other matters of faith and inspiration. Two Are Better: Midlife Newlyweds Bicycle Coast to Coast and Bicycle Touring How-To: What We Learned were published in 2013. In 2016 came two more titles, Wheels of Wisdom and Metaphors in Motion: Wisdom from the Open Road.

In 2014, Open Road Press published a business book, Hedging Commodity Price Risk: A Small Business Perspective. The book was published in print in 2019 after upgrading the cover and title to Hedging Demystified: How to Balance Risk and Protect Profit. For more on this title, see Tim Bishop’s hedging website.

Tim and Debbie Bishop

Tim and Debbie Bishop discovered marriage and cross-country bicycle touring simultaneously at age 52. They share their adventures in their four coauthored books. Two Are Better: Midlife Newlyweds Bicycle Coast to Coast captures the story behind the stories, while Bicycle Touring How-To: What We Learned shares their knowledge with bicycle touring wannabes. More recently, Wheels of Wisdom: Life Lessons for the Restless Spirit conveys some deeper truths that apply to virtually any life pursuit. Metaphors in Motion: Wisdom from the Open Road contains more lessons like those found in Wheels of Wisdom.

The Bishops have served as volunteer Hope Coaches for TheHopeLine, an Internet chat service to help hurting teens and young adults. They are available for speaking engagements about their touring and life experiences. They reside in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, and blog periodically at this Open Road Press website.

At age 52, Tim Bishop left a successful career as a corporate treasurer, married his dream girl, and embarked with her to parts unknown—on bicycles! Tim is a three-time Maine chess champion, a CPA, and a consultant for small businesses. He has also written a business book, Hedging Demystified: How to Balance Risk and Protect Profit, a straightforward primer on hedging with practical examples and clear illustrations. He has over thirty years of business experience and blogs on hedging at Tim, a native of Houlton, Maine, is still out to prove that the writing contest he won as a college freshman was not a fluke.

Debbie Bishop is an overcomer with boundless energy and an adventuresome spirit. Transparent, relatable, and fun best describe her writing. She holds a Masters degree in literacy from Lesley University and has taught for over thirty years. Out of gratitude for what God has done in her life, Debbie studies the Bible enthusiastically. Her recovery from past problems and her relentless pursuit to improve fuel a desire to help others. She is a featured author in Love is Out There by Melissa Williams-Pope, in which she relates her own story of finding love later than most. Debbie is also a native New Englander.


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What we stand for

1. God empowers us to dream and accomplish more than we could in our own power
2. Two are better than one, in work and in play
3. Sharing authentically as a couple
4. It’s never too late; don’t let age limit you
5. Persistently strive to grow, improve, and achieve at all ages. And while doing so, enjoy the adventure!