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Wheels of Wisdom Sample Interview Questions

Sample Interview Questions
Coauthors Tim and Debbie Bishop
Wheels of Wisdom: Life Lessons for the Restless Spirit

About the book:

1. How did you come up with the title Wheels of Wisdom?
2. Tell us about Wheels of Wisdom.
3. Tell us about one of the lessons in Wheels of Wisdom.Tim and Debbie Bishop
4. Who would enjoy this book?
5. How and why did this book come together?
6. Tell us a little bit about the publishing process for this book?
7. I see your book was reviewed by Publishers Weekly. How did that come about?
8. How does Wheels of Wisdom compare with your first book, Two Are Better?
9. Where can people go to purchase a copy of Wheels of Wisdom?
10. At the same time you published Wheels of Wisdom, you published a smaller e-book entitled Metaphors in Motion: Wisdom from the Open Road. Tell us about that book.

About bicycle touring:

11. What’s it like to be out on the road without support for a long trip?
12. Was there ever a time when you thought, Get me off this bike! I just want to be home?
13. Why do you tour by bicycle?
14. Many people may be thinking, I’d like to do that, but how do they get the time and how do they pay for it? How would you respond?
15. What have your adventures taught you?
16. Share a favorable memory or two from your bicycling adventures?
17. What is the most difficult part of bicycle touring?
18. What do you eat when you are traveling?
19. What is the daily routine like?
20. How do you decide which routes to follow and which roads to take?
21. Do you have a favorite state and why?
22. What was the most beautiful spot you’ve seen?
23. Many people may not realize that you travel self-supported. How much weight do you carry?
24. How do people you meet on the road react to you?
25. What type of person would enjoy bicycle touring?
26. How would someone who is interested in bicycle touring learn more about it?

About your faith and TheHopeLine:

27. You two are strong believers in God. Tell us how you came to believe.
28. What would you say to the person who is skeptical about God?
29. On your trips, you promoted TheHopeLine. What is it and what is your connection to it?
30. Why should someone consider supporting TheHopeLine?
31. Why are you so passionate about TheHopeLine?
32. If someone would like to learn more about TheHopeLine, how would they do so?