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On the Border

September 24, Day 84 of TheHopeLine Tour of 2014

Early Morning Media Coverage

Most people wake up and look forward to a fresh cup of coffee. We woke up this morning looking forward to being on television in Louisville, Kentucky! Tim has put together a news release to share with radio and television stations in areas where we are bicycling. Sioux City, Iowa, was our first television interview on this tour. This morning, we had another opportunity to share our mission for TheHopeLine outside the motel just across the border in Indiana, where we stayed last night.

It was perfect timing and perfect weather. Recent mornings have been cold, so getting out for the interview at 10 a.m. was fine with us. Every day, I want to get out the door early to bike, but it is not July anymore! Most mornings have been in the low 50’s. The videographer from WAVE 3, the NBC affiliate in Louisville, was right on time. He took several shots of us on and off our bikes. We had a brief interview explaining why we support TheHopeLine and, hopefully, encouraging others to do so as well. By tonight’s news, many people in Louisville, Kentucky, and areas beyond should be aware of TheHopeLine and our bike tour to support it.

Salute to Indiana

Soybeans on Indiana farmIndiana and the other Midwest states we have traveled through have some big fields. It may be flat here, but it is just as beautiful as other areas with hills. We can see forever. With the cloudless day and the ideal weather, no whistle was blown today in the complaints department. Crossing the Ohio River again, back into Kentucky, occurred between Madison, Indiana, and Milton, Kentucky. We’ve enjoyed cycling on the border between these two states, as they each have much to offer.

Ohio RIverOne man we struck up a conversation with outside of CVS (another sign that we are getting closer to home) mentioned that Madison is the city with the most structures on the National Register for Historic Buildings for the state of Indiana. They have approximately 2,000 historic buildings in their city. Riding by on bicycle, we saw only a smattering of them. Check out for more information on this riverfront city.

Camping, Anyone?

Tonight would have been a good night for camping. This whole week, we have 0% chance of rain. And our sleeping bags work to about 32 degrees Fahrenheit…so we could have camped…. I even called General Butler’s State Park to find out about camping, but I didn’t see the word Resort in there. The park’s official name is General Butler’s State RESORT Park. I called and asked about camping and the cottages that they also rent. Well, to make a long story short, we are in the lodge, and Big Agnes once again did not make the cut tonight.

We will consider camping while the chance of precipitation is so low. We have at least until Sunday to pull out Big Agnes, as the forecast in this area is sunshine all week long. Believe it or not, I miss camping. Several Mountain House dinners can be enjoyed before our journey comes to an end. But they will keep until 2016…so maybe next trip!

2 thoughts on “On the Border

  1. Jim Burns

    Hey Tim and Deb,
    You know, if there is anything at all that makes me aware of my actual age more than crawling in and out of a tent, I do not know what it might be. My thoughts are Big Agnes will have to get over it, even if there are hurt feelings.
    I’m thinking you folks are turning into television celebrities. That Hopeline is getting some good press, and well it should.
    Stay safe, be well and good traveling….Jim

  2. Patti Smith

    Hi Tim & Debbie!
    Continuing to smile as I remember our sweet time with you Sunday morning (Sep 28) at Grace Baptist Church in Milford, Ohio. What a wonderful surprise & treat to have you worship with us! Pastor was sharing your email message with us at Wednesday night’s service & I’ll have him read the one I got at this Sunday morning’s service. Know you are COVERED with prayer and we are EXPECTING Him to bless you in amazing ways as you finish out this last leg of your journey. You are an inspiration! Hugs … Patti & Stan

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