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Crossing the Neuse July 30

Today began with a lengthy bridge crossing. The Neuse River Bridge extends one and a half miles, and includes on and off ramps suspended over the open water. Our ride toward the rising sun in the eastern sky got our day off to an exciting start.

Soon we were onto roads less traveled, a welcome departure from the busy pace of Saturday’s riding. We saw many forms of commerce today, from logging, to farming, to mining. The fields were particularly beautiful in their full bloom. For example, gargantuan cotton fields provided pleasing views of their white and red blossomed plants. The symmetry of their rows was delightful. The neighboring tree stands providing a rich green contrast.

Another ferry ride split our day’s riding in two. We arrived at the Aurora ferry terminal in time to catch the 11:15 ride across the Pimlico River, along with only two cars. The ride was free courteous of the State of North Carolina. This one clearly isn’t a money maker for them! As we debarked, one of the ferry operators warned us of storms ahead.

Our lunch date at the Old Town Country Kitchen in Bath was perfectly timed. Once inside, the dark clouds spilled some of their contents, saving more for later. Bath is the oldest town in the State, with incorporation in 1709. The lunch was excellent and the service great.

A return to the road brought a return to riding under dark afternoon clouds. We ventured for several more miles before rain caught up with us again. First, however, were two separate sightings of deer. Then the thunder and lightning took center stage. We found shelter at an old, long since abandonned farm house, with trees and brush co-existing with, if not swallowing up the old rustic structure. A half-hour sojourn gave us another riding window. We closed the day in Plymouth.

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