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New Bern, NC July 29

If you like history, beauty, and water; magnificent architecture and engineering; boats, good food and Pepsi; come to New Bern, North Carolina. Walking across the bridge over the Trent River to church this morning was interrupted briefly as we waited while the draw bridge rose to let a tall boat through. Cars with patient drivers waited while we witnessed an amazing engineering feat–the center bridge deck rising up and down within minutes to allow the vessel to pass.

The First Baptist Church service was very traditional with organ music and hymns from long ago. We enjoyed the service surrounded by gorgeous stained glass panels on both walls throughout the sanctuary. The pastor and many members we met volunteered to pray for us during our trip. As always, we readily appreciated their prayers for safety and good weather, and whatever else they were inspired to pray for!

Today was truly a restful day. After walking around downtown New Bern, taking almost one hundred photographs between the two of us, we headed back to the hotel for a long nap, map studying for the upcoming days, and enjoying the Olympics. Incidentally, did you know Pepsi was invented in New Bern? We enjoyed a much-needed Sabbath rest­. We’ll tackle the Neuse (pronounced like niece) River Bridge tomorrow. Shown here is only some of the mile-and-a-half long structure.

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