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God’s Perfect Timing

August 21, Day 50 of TheHopeLine Tour of 2014

A Medical Problem

For the past several days, including the last few that we bicycled, I have noticed swelling and pain in my right calf. Of course, I ran to the Internet and diagnosed my problem: a stress fracture or shin splints.

Well, I was wrong. We scheduled a Tuesday appointment for an orthopedic doctor in Sioux City, Iowa, where we had bicycled to on Sunday afternoon. The appointment was at 8:30, as I was hoping we could get back to the hotel, check out, and be on our way. No such luck! The doctor’s diagnosis of my condition is Chronic Compartment Syndrome. It is common in athletes UNDER the age of 30, and mostly runners, not bicyclists. This didn’t make sense!

The doctor’s recommendation was at least a week of rest and lots of ibuprofen. A WEEK of rest? I don’t think I have ever done such a thing!

Perfect Timing

However, God works in mysterious ways. Last week, Tim and I were talking about how great it would be to attend TheHopeLine “Prayer for a Generation” event on August 22 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. But we figured we were not going near there, and by August 22, we would be long gone from South Dakota, let alone Sioux Falls.

Not only does God work in mysterious ways, but His timing is also always perfect. We have been biking for 2,296 miles. This could have happened anywhere along our journey…especially after climbing the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming or McKenzie Pass in Oregon, or even the rolling hills of South Dakota ten days ago. Yet, it happened here…and now.

When we shared my diagnosis with our contacts at TheHopeLine, their words were, “How can we get you to Sioux Falls?” They wanted us at the event. They will share our mission with others at a pre-event dinner. We will attend the city-wide event and meet with Dawson McAllister, the founder of TheHopeLine, Tim Altman, the CEO of the organization that runs the TheHopeLine, and other valued employees and volunteers of the organization. Sioux Falls, in fact, is one of the cities that hosts a physical call center for TheHopeLine, and we volunteer with some of the folks who work from that call center. We are truly grateful that this leg issue developed here in Sioux City, so close to the event on Friday night. Like I said, God’s perfect timing always comes through.

Tim and I have also been thankful for this time of rest. It would be easy to feel sorry for myself with this leg condition, but since we arrived in Sioux City Sunday night, we have been on local television, in the Sioux City Journal, and on a radio interview in Maine. These media connections allowed us to share TheHopeLine tour and our desire to raise money to help young people from ages 13-29.

To top it off, the outpouring of God’s provision showed forth one morning this week, when we sat in amazement as donations rolled in from the Dead River family, Tim’s former employer. They pledged support of over $1,700 to TheHopeLine on that morning alone. That was so encouraging to us.

We’re choosing to believe God is going to heal my leg and allow us to finish what we started–a bike trip across America to raise awareness and funds for TheHopeLine. Whether He does so only time will tell. Regardless, what a privilege we’ve enjoyed thus far to be part of His work through TheHopeLine.

Helping Young People

Our hearts’ desire is to help save this generation. Tomorrow night’s event will focus on praying for teens and young adults growing up in the world today. We will pray for them to seek God and find the love, hope, and faith that come from a relationship with Jesus. For those who have already made their peace with God, we will ask God to raise up strong leaders who can come alongside their peers who are in need.

Whatever comes from the Prayer for a Generation event will be a blessing. It is easy to sit idly by and talk about the world’s problems and how troubled some kids are today. Yet, we can do something about it. Dawson McAllister has dedicated his life to helping young people. He will be sharing His wisdom and desire to use prayer to help change our world. Won’t you join in that effort? Mother Theresa said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” To me, that describes our work on TheHopeLine.

If you have not yet pledged your support to TheHopeLine, please consider doing so now at this webpage. If you’re not comfortable filling out the form, please email Tim or me, or use the contact form, with your intentions and we will take care of the administrative piece. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could move that thermometer up with your help? We are hoping and praying for God to work in mighty ways. He always does!

3 thoughts on “God’s Perfect Timing

  1. nancy downey

    Dear Deb – what a wonderful piece you have written! I hope the meeting today is very successful and know it will be nice to meet the HopeLine folks. Will we be able to read the Sioux City Journal article online??? So wonderful of Dead River to send $$$ and shows how much they loved Tim too. So good luck with everything and especially with your leg. Please heed the doctor’s advice regarding the rest of your trip. You could come home and then do balance of trip next year from Sioux City???? All kinds of plan Bs right? Very proud of you and Tim and love you lots-xxxxxx Mom

  2. Jim Burns

    Hey Tim and Deb,
    Extremely impressive commentary, Deb. With a piece that impassioned, it’s an impossible act to follow, so will just wish you all the best with the Hopeline meet, and even more with the rest and recuperation. Be well, stay safe, and good traveling….Jim

  3. Debbie

    Thanks Jim,
    I guess I should not have said ” the correct diagnosis” and instead said, “the doctor’s diagnosis” because those could be two different things! CCS is very rare in women my age:) Median age is 20!!!

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