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Commemorating Commitments

July 7-8, Days 5-6 of TheHopeLine Tour of 2014

Yesterday, on an off day, we visited First Baptist Church, an old church with a new facility and typical Sunday attendance of a couple thousand. No pastors were around, so we left some materials about TheHopeLine and accepted the staff’s invitation to their youth summer camp across the street, where a delightful young lady provided a tour of the grounds.

Camp Harlow Commitment GardenIn a special section of their grounds called the “Commitment Garden” were metallic tree-like structures with plates commemorating commitments to Christ that were made at the camp over the years. Each individual’s name was etched and hung personally on the tree by those who decided to make a commitment. Years later, some of them return to their spiritual roots to remember their decision.

The scene was a reminder of chats on TheHopeLine that both Debbie and I had the prior evening with individuals who had made decisions for Christ and then turned away. Both were in despair for different reasons. In my chat, a 17-year-old girl was struggling with cutting, a common issue in girls who contact TheHopeLine. When deep emotional wounds are suppressed, these girls often turn on themselves and cut to release some of the pain. Like any addiction, however, the relief is only temporary and they go back for more. If we can convince them to see a counselor or other trusted individual to whom they can begin to tell their story, they often will find permanent relief from the addiction.

There were additional issues swirling about in this girl’s life. She decided she wanted to come clean and turn back to God. After praying a prayer of repentance, she confessed to another addiction, a first-time disclosure for her. I shared more resources with her to help educate her and to provide her access to an organization that can support her as she battles her way to freedom. Although she has a long road ahead, last night seemed to be a breakthrough. Debbie’s chat also ended on a very positive note. We like happy endings!

After visiting Camp Harlow, we were soon off to downtown Eugene for a spin around town. Bicycle lanes appear on virtually all major downtown streets. After a trip to a bicycle shop for an adjustment to Debbie’s seat position, Univ of Oregon football!we visited the University of Oregon campus, also located in the downtown region.

Today, we consulted with an orthopedic specialist about some soreness in Debbie’s knee. She received a cortisone shot for relief, so we’ve been laying low for another day. The doc said she’ll be fine. We plan a return to the road on Wednesday.

We’ve come to expect early-tour health issues. They seem to accompany long days in the saddle. On our first two tours, saddle sores were the principal cause of delays. This time, our delay came earlier than expected, but we are thankful it came when we had access to excellent facilities and skilled services. We’ll be ready to hit the road with renewed vigor soon!

3 thoughts on “Commemorating Commitments

  1. David Harbison

    Hey Tim and Debbie,
    Sounds like things are going well. Looks like the weather is cooperating so far. Is that an accurate assumption? You are in an area where Mary’s brother Joe spent a great deal of his begining years with the U.S. Forrest service. I don’t believe he biked accross the state though. Hope all is going well. Glad Debbies injury was brief and you guys are moving forward. I hope the weather is always in your favor. Ride safe and enjoy the journey!!

    David and Mary and all the Houlton Gang!!

    1. Tim Bishop Post author

      The weather has been fantastic! The locals say it’s too hot, but it has been ideal. Yes, plenty of trees out here for someone in forestry. Makes for pleasurable riding. Debbie burned up the miles today.

  2. Chris Brown

    Hi Tim and Debbie,
    Gary and I just got back about an hour ago from Millinocket, Maine. (No email upta camp-a genuine escape from too much to do!) I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how the trip was going so far. Now I know!!! I love the video clips where I can actually see you moving and can hear your voices. Once again, the scenery is breathtaking.
    Do take good care, enjoy the journey and we’ll be praying for your safe return, many moons from now!
    God Bless You both.
    Chris & Gary

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