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Kindred Spirits

July 6, Day 4 of TheHopeLine Tour of 2014

Today, Sunday, we dropped by the Eugene Christian Fellowship complex that we had passed last night on our way to the motel. The timing was perfect! We enjoyed worship followed by an afternoon picnic, complete with antique car show and a live band playing 50s music.

Worship at Eugene Christian FellowshipDebbie and I are always encouraged with genuine Christian fellowship. You can travel anywhere and find kindred spirits when you belong to the same family, that is, the family of God. We share this same fellowship, for example, with the staff and volunteers of TheHopeLine. Debbie alluded to this type of connection with friendships in her recent blog post.

50s Band at the BBQ Today’s church service was alive with the spirit of God. Although before and after the service they were busy preparing for their afternoon barbecue and car show, the warm staff at Eugene Christian Fellowship welcomed our discussion about how TheHopeLine works.

We spoke with three of their pastors who understood and were encouraged by the vision of TheHopeLine, which reaches into deep, dark places within young people who have isolated their problems and themselves from the world around them. When they are desperate enough to reach out, we often hear first-time disclosures on TheHopeLine, stories that they were too afraid to tell people they know. As these young people begin to reach out, local churches can be integral to their healing and further development as people.

THL Handout BacksideTHL Handout FrontsideHere is the front and back side of a small card that we share with prospective donors, those interested in becoming volunteer hope coaches, or other curious parties. If any of you would like to learn more about how you can support the cause, feel free to contact Mark Gries at the number shown on the card. Mark works for the organization that administers TheHopeLine. Debbie and I would love to accept your pledge of support for TheHopeLine (and we receive no financial benefit for doing so).

This evening, we will wait to hear from some of those young people in crisis using the motel’s wifi connection. When all else fails, there is still hope! We’ll be glad to share a healthy dose of it.

2 thoughts on “Kindred Spirits

  1. Jean Coyne

    Hi! Not sure how this works, but wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying “going on this trip with you!” I’m also reading your book, “Two are Better.” It is so well written, love the pictures and how you both share your life and journey. You indeed, are an inspiration! God bless you and keep you. Jean and Pat

    1. Tim Bishop Post author

      Thanks for your kind words and your encouragement. We feel blessed to have these opportunities to explore, share, and challenge.

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