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Announcing the Best of TheHopeLine Tour

Tour CardDebbie and I are pleased to announce the highlights of TheHopeLine Tour of 2014!

Wow! What a tour! This wasn’t just a bicycle joyride across America. This was an intense journey, with a targeted awareness and fundraising campaign tied to it, filled with challenging and inspirational moments. Filtering through so many photos and blog posts reminded us of just how beautiful America is and just how much we experienced in the past few months. We’ve narrowed the field down to 25 photos and 16 blog posts. Now, we’d like your help in picking the top ones!

In addition to what you’ll see from the photos and blog posts, there were some lofty numbers associated with TheHopeLine Tour of 2014. However, the numbers below are not currently aligned with the correct category. We’re giving away a copy of our book, Two Are Better, to each of the first three people who can match 10 of the numbers on the left with the correct category on the right. Please submit your answers through the contact form.

7 days
11 miles
14 elevation gain in feet
80+ states
90+ photos
102 videos
114+ blog posts
300+ page views on the Open Road Press website
500+ email pitches for support or media exposure of TheHopeLine
1,400+ media interviews
3,300+ facebook posts
4,344 facebook likes
12,000+ canisters of powdered energy drink mix
167,000+ gallons of fluid


Click here to view the highlights page and please make sure to cast your ballot for your favorite photos and blog posts. We hope you enjoy this retrospective of our tour. And please feel free to share it with others.

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