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Two Are Better Virtual Book Tour Stop 14

Two Are Better Virtual Book TourToday’s tour stop on the Two Are Better virtual book tour is The Busy Mom’s Daily. This website reviews both books and products. They’ve built a Facebook tribe of around 1,700 and have 3,500 Twitter followers.

When you share a passion such as bicycling with your spouse, it can really deepen your relationship. Debbie has written a guest post entitled “Shared Passions Enhance Marriage.” In this post, she talks about how our love for bicycling has strengthened our marriage. As a bonus, Debbie paints several metaphors in her article, life lessons that she has learned on a bicycle while contemplating her new role as a wife. Readers of our joint memoir, Two Are Better: Midlife Newlyweds Bicycle Coast to Coast, will see some parallels to a writing style that extracts deeper truth from interesting activities.

You can read Debbie’s guest post by clicking here.

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