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Mom-to-Mom tour leaving Tuesday, July 10th, 2012!

Does your mother inspire you? Our Mom-to-Mom tour is designed to honor all mothers. During our 2010 campaign, our mothers were our most ardent backers. Their encouraging blog posts and continual interest in our endeavor were strong reminders of the special role mothers fill in one’s life, and just a small sampling of their love and care in our lives. Whether it is nurturing, encouraging, motivating, correcting, modeling, or simply loving, a mother’s love and presence are heavenly gifts.

Tomorrow, Debbie and I will be embarking on the 2012 Mom-to-Mom tour. What does Mom-to-Mom mean? Debbie’s mother lives in Naples, Florida, and mine lived in Houlton, Maine, before her death early in 2012. Connecting those two locations covers the Atlantic coast of the United States well.

So stay tuned for more updates as bicycle touring fun lies just around the corner.

One thought on “Mom-to-Mom tour leaving Tuesday, July 10th, 2012!

  1. Tim Durling

    Tim, First, I am so sorry to learn of your mom’s passing. I know what a wonderful woman she was and how you adored her. What a wonderful tribute to both her and Debbie’s mom! I live just north of Tampa in Wesley Chapel (just off I-75). I wonder what your route through central Florida will be. Stop by… Or at least wave! :-))). Be safe and best wishes for a wonderful journey!

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