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Sandwiched at Subway July 10

We might have a “reverse record” from our last trip if the past four days in Florida are any indication of what lies ahead. We were caught in just twenty minutes of rain during our cross country tour in 2010. It has rained every afternoon since Saturday. As we write this blog, we are sitting outside of Subway in Punta Gorda, Florida, taking shelter from the storm–and much longer than we anticipated.
We left this morning, from Naples, after a wonderful mom-cooked pancake breakfast. We started our mom-to-mom tour around 9:00 a.m. and stopped along the way to use the facilities and re-hydrate in the 90+ degree heat of the morning and afternoon. Toward late afternoon, dark, ominous clouds seemed well away from us on the outskirts of Punta Gorda, at least until we resumed our ride five miles out of town. Soon, sprinkles started as the darkness began to close in. The rain cooled us down, which was most refreshing! But as soon as we rolled our wheels under the concrete overhang of a beautiful Subway restaurant patio, the skies opened up, lightning danced, and thunder crackled and popped all around us. That was at 4:00 p.m., and we are still here at seven p.m., avoiding the downpour. The streets are soaked and it is still dark and dreary. Tonight’s motel awaits us six miles up the road, but the thunder and lightning still have us sandwiched at Subway!
We started talking to the girl making our lunches at Subway. She just happens to be from Framingham, Massachusetts and attended Walsh Middle School. I asked about her teachers. Her favorite teacher is the husband of my previous principal. It’s a small world after all–and we are not even close to Disney World yet!

6 thoughts on “Sandwiched at Subway July 10

  1. Leslie

    “Sandwiched at Subway” I love it…. You should talk to Subway about being their next Spokesperson, you’re way more dedicated than Jerad. They could do a find Tim and Debbie at Subway facebook contest for their customers.
    Seriously, you should at least see if they will be sponsers! Enjoy the ride and try some orange blossom honey.

  2. Tim Durling

    I thought of you yesterday as thunder, lightning, and horizontal rain engulfed my house in Wesley Chapel. It only lasted about a half hour here, but I thought, gosh, I would not want to be on a bicycle in this! Welcome to Florida in the summer — afternoon showers are common (although the intensity of yesterday’s storm is less common, thank goodness!). I hope you made it to a comfortable place to get some good rest last night and that you’re having a better day today! Blessings.

    1. Tim Bishop

      The cloud cover that marched west was about as black as they come, bringing an early end to daylight.

  3. Kathy

    Hey, It looks like you made good progress on your first day. I bet the view was so nice going up the coast. Better the afternoon showers than a tropical storm. Enjoy the coast before you head across the state.

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