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Defy the Odds

Some things in life are just the way they are. You need to accept them, live with them, and move on. But not always. Sometimes you get an opportunity to defy the odds. And when that opportunity comes your way, pounce on it! Your window of opportunity may disappear just as quickly as it arrived.

Debbie and I had one of those opportunities just last week. It was on Thanksgiving morning, and the weather in New England defied the season and the odds. The temperature was in the fifties and the sun was shining in glorious fashion. What an opportunity to shorten the bicycling offseason! So, we ventured out on our bicycles for a ride. Despite the extra clothing, we were clearly exploiting nature’s deep autumn hiccup. How satisfying! Not only was the weather ideal, but there was little to no traffic as well. We had pickpocketed Mother Nature, shortening the cold, dark winter and revitalizing our spirits in the process. We relished the out-of-season experience.

I love defying the odds. Don’t you? Straying from the expected course creates a sense of freedom and adventure. You’re able to enjoy what you’re not really entitled to. Partaking in one of those unexpected moments is a blessing because you couldn’t have counted on it.

Of more import than a simple bike ride on an unseasonably warm New England day in late November, other “out-of-season opportunities” will present themselves when you least expect them. Some people will not recognize these subtle opportunities, so watch carefully for them. And seize the opportunity when one arises. It may come in the form of an unexpected job opportunity even though you are in no position to explore it. Inconvenience yourself and explore it anyway. It may come in the form of a random encounter with a long lost friend. You may not have the time to truly connect, but readjust your schedule to make it happen, or schedule a time on the spot to reconnect with this friend. Remember those empty promises that you made to get back in touch, but you never “got around to it?”

Sometimes, defying the odds is really more about recognizing that God has dropped a potential blessing within your reach, if not right in your lap. Whatever seems out of place, unusual, or mistimed may simply be His way of leading you to healing a past hurt, rekindling meaningful connections, increasing your influence, or moving you to a more profitable endeavor. A seemingly random occurrence may not be as coincidental as you think. Perhaps it is His way of answering your—or someone else’s—prayers.

Not recognizing an opportunity is one thing, but recognizing it and letting it pass you by is quite another. Are your plans ironclad? Or, is it possible that you are underestimating your potential and misunderstanding your true calling? Or, are you simply too caught up in your own affairs to be of any help to others around you? We all get like that. Be flexible enough to entertain curiosity-inducing promptings. If nothing else, the adventure itself may be beneficial.

So, defy the odds. Be willing to explore the open doors in your life. They may just lead you to a better place…of contentment, prosperity, and satisfaction.

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