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Book Launch with a Cause

Wheels of WisdomDebbie and I want to address some unfinished business with our launch of Wheels of Wisdom: Life Lessons for the Restless Spirit.

Two years ago, we set out from Oregon on a self-supported, cross-country bicycle tour to raise $100,000 for TheHopeLine. Three months later, we fell short of our fundraising goal as well as our attempt to make it to the Atlantic coast. A mishap not only shortened our trip but also aborted our plans to pitch large media in eastern cities to garner more exposure and funding for TheHopeLine.

To help raise more funds now—and to honor the very spirit of our latest bookwe’ve decided to give TheHopeLine the sales proceeds from our Open Road Press web store for both of our paperbacks sold from now until the end of October 2016.

Why TheHopeLine?

You might be wondering why we’re pitching TheHopeLine so fervently.

First, as long-time donors, we’ve seen the consistent value TheHopeLine brings to people who are struggling with life’s issues.

THL-Logo-Square-clear_bgSecond, we volunteer for the organization as Hope Coaches. We witness the work firsthand. We interact with the staff. And we savor the blessing of personally helping to improve some lives along the way.

Finally, we know the character and quality of the people who run this ministry. They are humble servants who strive for excellence while operating with meager resources. As a sampling of their latest work, they achieved record amounts with 54,000 interactions and 5,600 suicide interventions during the first eight months of 2016, despite operating with no more income than received in the same period of the prior year.

Why now?

Why give away all proceeds on initial sales of a costly book project years in the making?

Well, in a few short years, Debbie and I won’t be here anymore. We’ll leave behind a generation that is struggling mightily with relationships, addictions, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Jesus said we ought to let our light shine before men so that they may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven. That’s what we want this project to be about—both the book content and our donation to TheHopeLine.

So, when you purchase a print copy of Wheels of Wisdom for $14.99 or Two Are Better for $19.95 from the Open Road Press web store from now until the end of October 2016, we’ll personally match that amount in a donation to TheHopeLine. For example, if you buy ten copies of both books from the Open Road Press store, we’ll donate $349.40 to TheHopeLine.

There’s no reason to hold back when so many people are suffering from an inability to cope with life these days. We only have so long to make a difference. This webpage will provide you with more information about why TheHopeLine is such a worthy cause. Please spread the word about this opportunity to your friends, family, co-workers, and church groups. Why not do some early Christmas shopping yourself? Let’s make this book launch memorable for the benefit of many people who need help.

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