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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I am so glad I was the recorder on this ice bucket challenge! Tim is a good sport and always likes a challenge. Dumping ice cold water on his head was NOT on his bucket list, but he always keeps his commitments. When Bill Schade of Marlborough, Massachusetts, challenged him to join the hoopla to raise awareness of ALS, Tim didn’t waste a minute! We often have to improvise on our bicycle trip, so we chose to use our Camelbak for the ice bucket!

For those who would like to know more about TheHopeLine Tour that Tim mentions in the video, check out our status page.

4 thoughts on “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. kathy

    nice job Tim! I’m sure that you could have used that chill on days when you were out on the bike! Too bad you already got challenged…. you were on my “hit parade” for a dowsing!

  2. Bill

    Nice job Tim, I too was hoping you would be able to do it after a hot day on the road. I love following your trek across the country and I hope you meet your fundraising goal. I hope you both get the rest you need and have a great ride east.

    1. Tim Bishop

      Bill, thanks for your note and for sharing our material on your social media. I’ve long felt TheHopeLine is a too well kept secret…not intentionally so, but they just seem to fly under people’s radar. They’re low key and entirely funded with private dollars. The more people who are plugged into their life-changing work, the better the odds of meeting the goal.

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