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What are You Made for?

September 16, Day 76 of TheHopeLine Tour of 2014

A few weeks ago, after I exuberantly exclaimed how much I love this bike tour, Tim looked at me and said, “We were made for this.” That statement has stayed with me ever since. Tim is like E.F. Hutton. When he talks, people listen…probably because he is very thoughtful before he opens his mouth. I love that about him. There is nothing wiser than a person who thinks before they speak, or who says something that really sticks with you.

View from atop Perry TowerToday was one of those days that I was made for. The weather was cool, the sun peeked out from the clouds, the hills were rolling, and the scenery was beautiful. Mile after mile, I felt my muscles burn and the fresh air in my lungs. I was made for this. Not only did we get a good dose of bicycling, we climbed up and down eight flights of stairs to the top of a fire tower to catch a breathtaking view of the vast Missouri landscape. It was a picture perfect day. And after a rest day and much sleep last night, I was feeling my energetic self again.

It is amazing how difficult this bike tour has been and how long we have been gone. Since we departed from the Oregon coast on July 3, I have had a cortisone shot in my knee, I have burned my foot with boiling water while camping, and I was diagnosed with chronic compartment syndrome, keeping me off the bike for two weeks.

Deb was made for this!Nevertheless, I was made for this. And so we carry on. My knee, foot, and leg have all healed. Maybe some people are thinking I should have my head examined next to determine what keeps me going after all those issues on the road. Once again, I think: I was made for this. Just because we have had a few bumps in the road along the way, doesn’t necessarily mean we should stop and give up.

If you are made for something, you naturally want to venture forward in that made-for-you task that you love. Even when hardships come, you persevere through them because that is just part of the process. Have you ever thought: What am I made for? It is a pertinent question to ponder because we all have unique gifts and desires. Once you’ve discovered those, and devote your time to them, you’ll experience deep joy and fulfillment as you live out a facet of God’s calling on your life.

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