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Two Are Better Virtual Book Tour Stop 20

Two Are Better Virtual Book TourToday’s stop on the Two Are Better virtual book tour is “the book rack”, where you’ll find highlights from this Two Are Better virtual book tour.

Next week, we’ll end the tour with an interview. Thank you for following along.

2 thoughts on “Two Are Better Virtual Book Tour Stop 20

  1. Maxie Anderson

    Hello Tim and Debbie, and also Congratulations! Can’t imagine making a trip like this. Most especially on bicycles. LOL NOT ME! Glad you are happy and bet you have seen a lot of scenery. Our GOD is a wonderful Painter. Right?
    You will have many, many memories from this trip. May GOD continue to keep you safe. I really do want to read your book. Maxie Anderson

    1. Tim Bishop Post author

      Maxie, you’re right. God is indeed a wonderful painter! In fact, on our journey through the magnificent Columbia River gorge, we found artists trying to replicate the beauty He had splashed on His canvas as seen from atop Chanticleer Point. Those painters were skilled, but no match for the Master Artist! We captured one of their two-dimensional canvases, shared in our book, an example of man’s attempt to capture God’s imagery. It’s one of my favorite photos.

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