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Two Are Better Virtual Book Tour Stop 3

Two Are Better Virtual Book TourToday’s tour stop on the Two Are Better virtual book tour is Cheryl’s Christian Book Connection. Cheryl performs what’s called a “first chapter review,” which essentially gives you a sneak peak at the book through her eyes. If first impressions are important, then her opinion may suggest something about the remainder of the book.

Cheryl also lives in Massachusetts. She has over 2,500 Twitter followers and performs reviews for major Christian publishing houses, such as Zondervan and Thomas Nelson. You might think of her first chapter review as someone who is visiting a bookstore in your place, and she has already been drawn in by Two Are Better’s cover and its title. She might pick the book up to soak in the front cover. Then, she flips it over to scan the back cover copy. By now, she’s ready to look inside. She’ll leaf through the pages (and notice the beautiful color photography), and then perhaps review the Table of Contents. Now even more intrigued, she’ll review more of the front matter and perhaps even read the first chapter. At this point, she might already know whether she wants to purchase the book, but my guess is that she’ll share what she’s learned and leave the buying decision up to you!

You can read Cheryl’s first impressions by clicking here.

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