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Serenity Amid Chaos

Deb cycling beside horse corral Deb cycling on Millham Road, Marlborough, Mass.Sunday brought a smile to our faces as we ventured out of doors after a long week of work. An overcast day provided a window of opportunity to bicycle for a few hours, and then return to Sunday relaxation later in the day. I had some fun experimenting with a feature of our Tachyon helmet cam. Flipping a switch changes the mode from video to rapid-fire still shots. How cool can that be, to ride your bicycle while snapping photos, only finding out later what is inside. Just like purchasing a box of Cracker Jacks! I caught a few (hundred) shots of an unsuspecting wife. Here are a few of those shots.

I love Sundays–a day set aside to alter the routine, to recharge, and to contemplate what lies ahead. There are no deadlines on this day. Pausing for relaxation and reflection is an important aspect of life. We can’t hope to stay in balance if we’re always teetering on the brink of busy-dom. I’ve noticed a more hectic pace of life since relocating to Massachusetts. Everyone seems to be in a hurry around here. You’ll notice this most on the overcrowded highways or at the checkout at local stores. It speaks to the need to be more vigilant about one’s use of time, but also to avoid getting swept up in the mayhem.

So, on Sunday, I was struck as we bicycled along Robin Hill Drive toward Northborough that we seemed to be in a peaceful place, surrounded by a large stand of trees to our right, and a reservoir on our left. We had the road to ourselves and tranquility reigned, at least for the moment.  Just the other side of the tree stand, however, was I-290, with the frenetic pace of shopping mall activity just beyond. Soon, we would be veering right onto Solomon Pond Road, leaving our peaceful surroundings behind. Once past the mall, we would soon return to a calm country road, with horse corrals lining our ride.

If you look hard enough, and then do some planning, you can find serenity amid chaos. For sanity’s sake, we need to pursue peace. And we can often find it close by if we are paying close enough attention. Such is true with life itself. There can be peace amid the storms of life. You just need to slow down, take a deep breath, and consider truths that lie beyond yourself, your own agenda, and your own timetable. Most people long for peace, but often find it elusive. Next time you’re in the vicinity, crack open the family Bible and turn to Isaiah 26:3. There, you will find the path to peace, whether you’re enveloped by chaos or not.

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