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Sabbath Rest and Sibling Support July 22

Don’t you just love your siblings? Tim and I are blessed with loving, kind, and generous siblings who are fun to be with. So, we love it when we can see them! Sunday was our rest day and Kathy and Tom were coming to see us! We slept a little later than usual and walked to a great church in town for their 11:00 am service. When we arrived at the First Baptist Church of Statesboro, we were amazed at the size of it for a city of 22,000 with a plethora of other churches. The church’s new worship center was just finished in November of 2011. We enjoyed fellowship with a lady sitting behind us who invited us to lunch. However, we needed to rendez-vous with our company, so we declined.

On the way back to our hotel, we were greeted on the sidewalk by Kathy and Tom (Tim’s sister and brother-in-law) who drove over from Aiken, South Carolina to visit for the day . It is a two-hour drive (each way)! They had gone shopping for us on their way to Statesboro. I had lost the bite valve on my Camelbak the previous day. The bite valve is crucial–I depend on it for proper hydration every single day of the bike trip. Kathy and Tom found the exact model, and they also picked up some camping supplies for us. Our enjoyable afternoon included a tour of Statesboro, a good lunch, frozen yogurt at La Berry, and a primer on our bikes and gear. After they left, Tim and I headed back to the First Baptist Church for a free concert with The Lesters, a family singing group from St. Louis, Missouri. You can check out the Lester Family at

One thought on “Sabbath Rest and Sibling Support July 22

  1. Kathy

    It was great seeing you guys even though we couldn’t convince you to come chill in Aiken for a few days. We’re still amazed by how much room you have on your bikes to carry things. You both look great! We hope that the SC weather and temps near 100 don’t bother you too much. At least there is some shade on your roads. Take care as you travel and head into the more densely populated areas. love, Kathy and Tom

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