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From Overcoming Adversity to Pursuing Dreams

Debbie and I are headed out on a brief virtual road trip today. We’ll be traveling from overcoming adversity to pursuing dreams. Whether you’ve already been there or not, please join us.

Debbie has written about her own struggles with bulimia in this guest post on Jen McDonough’s website. Jen’s website has a tagline “Leveraging Adversity to Reach Your Potential.” Debbie will be appearing on Jen’s Internet radio program The Iron Jen Show tomorrow morning. She will be sharing her own personal story of overcoming adversity.

Jen McDonough, an encourager and a motivator with three books to her credit, runs a business that celebrates overcoming adversity. Jen is no stranger to adversity herself. She and her family overcame a mountain of personal debt, unloosing the shackles on the road to financial freedom. You may notice the word “iron” in her radio show title. One of Jen’s taglines is “from couch potato to Ironman.” The Ironman is a day-long competition against self. It pits a two-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride, and a 26-mile jog against one’s physical strength, self-doubt, and will to persevere.

Meanwhile, I’ll be guest posting on Dan Miller’s blog today, sharing a post about pursuing dreams. It was on Dan’s community that we originally bumped into Jen. Her infectious enthusiasm and encouragement helps fuel the community’s passion for creative business thinking. Dan, perhaps the king of encouragement himself, is the author of one of the highest-rated career books out there, 48 Days to the Work You Love. The community has thousands of members. The spirit of the website is giving advice freely, communicating the unwritten message that the key to success is helping others succeed. This principle is modeled from the very top down.

Whether you’ve already ridden through overcoming adversity or pursuing dreams, we invite you to come along with us. It’s helpful from time to time to remember where you’ve been, or to consider where you might be headed!

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