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Friendly Floridians July 13

We had a quick turnaround this morning after yesterday’s long day of riding. It was a good day for riding despite our fatigue. A nice tailwind, lower temperatures, and smooth roads brought us to our lunch stop in Astatula. The Race Car Diner seated a small crowd for today’s lunch. The NASCAR theme greeted us outside with parking slots labeled for the Earnhardts and Casey Kahne. Inside the small concrete structure, the walls sported pictures of drivers and cars.

We chatted with an off-duty police officer and his father, who sat across from us. I like police officers, and this one filled the bill well. His father has two sons who are in law enforcement. After a conversation last night with a woman whose family has been negatively effected by drug abuse, it was encouraging to meet someone committed to doing something about it.

Earlier in the day, we stopped at a convenience store and spoke with two young people who seemed in need of some direction. The first had had his first beer at 8:00 in the morning, and came out of the store with another–it was still before noon. His female friend had just purchased a cigar for the road. They were friendly people, as most have been, but just seemed to lack some meaningful purpose.

The flat riding of the past few days has been welcome. Today’s ride was flat on most standards, but there were more hills. Orange groves were a feature again, although they seemed to thin out late in the day. We traveled around several lakes as we sidestepped Orlando and meandered our way north.

We love to hear your feedback. If any of you have ideas about what you’d like us to cover in these posts, what you like, or what you don’t, please let us know. Also, Debbie is asking for prayer requests that she can raise up to God during riding. She promises to keep her eyes open while doing so. You can use the form in the contact window to share your request.

4 thoughts on “Friendly Floridians July 13

  1. Chuck Shults

    Nice head camera! Your road is nice and smooth, but no shoulder and not rumble strips! Did you see anymore Brama Bulls? We are thinking of you two — safe travels!! C

    1. Tim Bishop Post author

      Yes, in fact, we have seen more brahman bulls. We’ve ridden through such rural sections that we’ve been surprised to see so much cattle and other agricultural activities. But they can obviously withstand the heat better than people!

  2. Mary Harbison

    Great videos! Tim, how are riding backwards to get Debbie on tape? (Just kidding!) Safe traveling!


    1. Tim Bishop Post author

      The camera mounts with a substance like velcro, but stronger. Therefore, the mount can be positioned at all angles. For example, we have tried to consider the tilt of our helmets and slide the camera mount to one side to compensate for the crooked hat syndrome. At least in this case, two wrongs do make a right!

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