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His Needs, Her Needs

Love and life by bicycle is our tag line for the Open Road Press website, so I thought I would write about the love part today. Rest and Reflection by the McKenzie RIverSeveral days ago while riding, I was thinking of three words to describe my husband. It didn’t take too long to come up with: smart, kind, and patient. I asked him to describe me in three words at dinner that night, and he came up with vivacious, energetic, and joyful. Of course he added that I am not joyful all the time….not too many people are, but it was music to my ears to hear his descriptors. Most women I know love to hear words of affirmation, and men need that too.

At TheHopeLine, the first two things we do when we get a chat or call is to listen and encourage the caller or chatter. Both of these verbs help build relationships, and they work with a spouse, a friend or a stranger. I guess we all need to be listened to and encouraged, daily.

When we were at the Eugene Christian Fellowship church this past Sunday, the pastor was starting a series entitled “His Needs, Her Needs” based on a book with the same title by Willard Harley. Do you know the five needs of men and women? Maybe you’ve figured them out on your own, but in case you are wondering¸ here’s what the author thinks.

Men’s needs: Women’s needs:
Sexual fulfillment Affection
Attractive Spouse Conversation
Recreational Companion Honesty and Openness: Complete Trust
Domestic Support Financial support
Admiration Family Commitment

CruisinWell, if I don’t get points for being Tim’s recreational companion on this trip and the past two bike tours, I’m a monkey’s uncle! I love riding with him, even if my need for conversation isn’t being met (it is almost impossible to carry on a conversation when we are bicycling). Thank goodness we have lots of time off the bike, too, for a few of the other needs on the lists.

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