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Bangor TV Reports on Mom-to-Mom Tour August 23

Once again, we woke up to a foggy, cool Maine morning, this time in Rockport. It is beautiful to watch the morning dew evaporate while our own fogginess (from too little sleep) diminishes in the early morning riding hours. Today was a picture perfect day–lots of sunshine, a tailwind, and 80-degree weather with low humidity. It doesn’t get better than that!

As we biked along the rolling hills of Maine, Tim rode along memory lane again, pointing out people and events he remembers from over the years. I love hearing about his life growing up and as an adult. Since we are still newly married, there is so much to learn about each other. Sharing our past brings us closer and gives us more insight into each other. Tim’s mom always told great stories about her growing up in Maine, and her son is carrying on the tradition beautifully!

We have mentioned before that no two days of biking are alike. Our evenings though, are routine. Shower, wash clothes, eat, clean water bottles and fill, charge electronics and sleep. Well, tonight was very different! We did shower and do all the necessary preparations for tomorrow…but then we had a visitor to our motel room at the Super 8 in Bangor! Fully equipped with camera and microphone, WABI’s own sports reporter, Nick Coit, showed up at our room for an interview. Check out the WABI website or better yet, watch the news if you are in the Bangor, Maine, media market on Friday night (tonight) at 6pm, 10pm, and 11pm and you will see two familiar faces! WAGM in Presque Isle plans to run the same package on Saturday night.

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    1. Tim Bishop

      The newscast is linked in the 8/24 “Stomping Grounds” post, or you can find it on the Open Road Press facebook page.

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