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Entering Maine August 21

Crossing into Maine was not the hassle we had anticipated, thanks to a helpful guide who was biking near our 8:30 a.m. destination. We left Exeter, NH, to get the earliest shuttle in Portsmouth, about 15 miles away. The Adventure Cycling map made a special note that we had to take a bus to go from Portsmouth, NH, to Kittery, Maine. The Memorial Bridge is closed until July 2013. We quickly unloaded the bikes, mounted them on the bus’ bike rack, and jumped aboard. Fifteen minutes later we reversed the process and were on our way. Time is of the essence right now as we journey to Houlton in only a few more days. Our special “tour guide” saved the day for us even while it was just getting started!

Once we crossed into Maine, I noticed a more relaxed and happier husband. He was in his home state, on familiar ground with a lifetime of wonderful memories that helped shape the man I love and adore. Growing up in Maine, and Houlton in particular, is something that Tim treasures and talks about frequently. After biking with him throughout the state over the years, I can see how special this place is. Today we rode up and down rolling hills with views of the ocean, farms, cottages by the sea, water ways, lakes and lighthouses. We cranked out miles and felt the crisp air in the morning warm up to a spectacular day.

Riding along the coast reminded us of our days in North Carolina and Florida when we saw the Atlantic on our right side while riding. The sights, sounds, and smells of ocean air are relaxing and make the miles fly by. As we will go more inland in the next few days, today’s ride will be etched in our memory as one of our best days yet!

3 thoughts on “Entering Maine August 21

  1. Mary Harbison

    Getting ready to welcome you home! Can hardly wait! Your room is ready and if it fits your plans, a homemade meal as well. Safe travels.

    Much love,


  2. Debbie Bishop

    We can’t wait to see you and your family!! And….we are looking forward to staying at the best hotel on our whole trip…hopefully we will be arriving in Houlton between 4 pm and -6pm if all goes well. love Debbie and Tim
    Dinner sounds great- can we bring anything? Powerbars for dessert?

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