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Cycling through History August 2

Williamsburg was a clean and enjoyable town, but we were headed out early to Richmond. The ride was pleasurable–and enlightening. We traveled along the John Tyler Memorial Highway, Route 5, along the northern shore of the James River.
A bike path kept us separated from traffic for miles. The scenery was a combination of forest canopy and expansive crops–corn and peanuts were memorable. The landscape was beautiful. Civil War and earlier vintage placards provided an education. We even cycled through a Civil War battlefield.

As we approached Richmond, the exquisite morning weather was transforming into a volatile sauna. Dark clouds faced us behind the tall buildings of this larger Southern city. We weighed the notion of a thundershower against cycling on empty stomachs. The urban surroundings tipped the scale in favor of continuing our trek through downtown Richmond. When we hit the center of town, rain began as thunder serenaded our journey. At first, the rain cooled us; later, however, it was a deterrent.

We landed at a convenience on the other side of town–one that served Subway sandwiches. An extended break allowed the storm to pass. We enjoyed conversation with an adventure cycling tour guide and another adventure cyclist of years gone by. The tour guide provided just the right advice on where to overnight. So, we headed to Ashland to end our day.

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