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Announcing TheHopeLine Tour of 2014

The maps have arrived, the bicycles have been shipped, the one-way flight has been booked, and the suitcases will be overflowing with gear to get us through what we hope to be three months and over 4,000 miles on the road. Where are we going? you ask. What are we doing? Are we crazy? We’re not quite sure how this will end up, but we look forward to this new adventure.Jam packed

Tim and I are attempting to bicycle across America again! Our first bicycle trip in 2010 was a coast-to-coast celebration of our one and only marriage at the age of 52. Our second trip was focused on honoring our moms while we bicycled from Florida (where my mom lives) to Maine (where Tim’s mom lived most of her 89 years.) More than simply the bicycling, this trip is a challenge not only for Tim and me, but for our friends, family members, people who we meet along the way, and those in cyberspace who catch the vision. We’re calling it TheHopeLine Tour of 2014. We hope you join us in our efforts to make this bicycle adventure a huge success.

The big challenge is to raise awareness and support for TheHopeLine. If you have ever read our material, you may already know that Tim and I have been HopeCoach volunteers for this organization for the past several years. We want to continue to serve on TheHopeLine while we are on the road, and we have set some personal goals to meet along the way. We will be asking you and others to help us reach a fundraising goal in support of TheHopeLine. We hope you will consider pledging a donation to a most worthy cause while we bike. All donations go directly to TheHopeLine. We are funding our trip at our own expense.

We’ll share more in the coming days regarding our fundraising goal. In the meantime, it’s back to packing and preparing. We leave you with this proverb, which resonates with us regarding our upcoming tour: “We can make our plans, but the final outcome is in God’s hands.” Prov 16:1 TLB

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